Acts of Kindness Are Very Precious, Especially in Times of Need

18 January 2022

Volunteer Ministers from the Church of Scientology of Vancouver responded after flooding left huge swaths of southwestern British Columbia and northwestern Washington in shambles.

Volunteer Ministers from the Church of Scientology Vancouver responded to requests for help from those affected by unprecedented flooding. Here a family needed their furniture moved to someplace dry.

Last month, after a freak weather condition caused severe flooding in the Fraser Valley region of southwest British Columbia and northwest Washington State, Volunteer Ministers from the Church of Scientology Vancouver connected via Facebook with those in need of help.

“We posted in a Facebook group set up for people to request assistance, stating we had a group of volunteers and did anyone need help cleaning out their basements,” says one of the volunteers.

Volunteers salvaged furniture after the flooding that hit southwestern British Columbia and northwestern Washington State.

Receiving immediate replies, they took off in three pickup trucks loaded with tools, equipment and supplies.

At the first home, the family was well into the cleanup when they arrived and so they helped them finish it up. They headed to the next request half an hour east, where they were asked to move all the furniture out of a damaged home to a dry location. They completed this within an hour.

Their next was a home with a flooded basement. “This was the worst one so far,” says a VM. When they arrived, there were four young men and their father. The nine volunteers jumped in and it was done in an hour and a half.

It was hard work but very rewarding and best was the message they received after finishing the first job:

“We would just like to say a really BIG thank you to you and the group of volunteers who came out to help clear out our friend’s basement. We were pretty overwhelmed when the job started and we didn’t know how many of their local friends would come to help … we are so very thankful for you all coming out this distance and pitching in. Acts of kindness like this are very precious, especially during this time of great need. So thank you and blessings on all of you!”

The dumpster was filled with items destroyed by the flood.